Directory Advertising

Paper is not a thing of the past! We have been asked time and time again to produce a business directory. The good news is we are planning to do just that. More information to come.

Business Map

We will be starting our business map immediatly and having it ready for the 2019 National Cup in May. If you would like your business listed on this map call us at the office or wait for us to call you! 403-362-7641

Website Advertising

We have been working steady to get our website up to date and be the best place to find any resources related to Business. If this is somewhere you would like to advertise please let us know. 

Newsletter Advertising

We are offering this as a member benefit. We will send out your business info in our newsletter free of charge just for being a member.

The Newell Network is owned and operated by the Brooks & District Chamber of Commerce and Grasslands Regional FCSS