Dates & Times:
Monday, February 26, 2018 at 6:30PM, 7:30PM and 8:30PM at the JBS Canada Centre in Brooks

Let Us Shed Some Light On Your Taxes


Come and hear about the Ins and Outs of Personal Tax from the team at JMH & Co.

Join the JMH team for a FREE information session where JMH will go through various individual personal tax items that you should know about including:

• Personal tax slips you may receive in the mail – It’s not junk mail!
• Common tax deductions that you may not be aware of – Saves you money!
• Home-based businesses & self-employed entrepreneurs – Some good 'did you know' info.

What should you expect?

• Drop in for just under an hour for:
• 30-minute presentation from the JMH Team (they are an entertaining bunch).
• 20 minutes for questions and getting to know the JMH & Co. team a little more!
• JMH will provide Coffee and snacks (what's a night out without caffeine and sugar). If you have any questions please contact JMH & Co. at 403-362-4004 and ask for Nicole, Brian or Kaylyn

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