Report on Canadian Connectivity


As the digital economy grows and businesses embrace new technologies and platforms, it is critical that communities across Canada have access to reliable broadband internet if they want to take advantage of these powerful new tools and compete in the global economy. However, with our unique geographical challenges, many rural and remote areas of Canada haven’t seen the level of investment in fibre broadband and LTE mobile connectivity that would allow them to take full advantage of these new technologies.
Today, the Canadian Auditor General Michael Ferguson tabled a new report that investigated whether government institutions have effectively monitored and planned for the connectivity needs of Canadians in rural and remote areas. The report revealed:

  • The federal government's reluctancy to establish a national broadband strategy has had a detrimental effect on the connectivity needs of Canadians in rural and remote areas.
  • The 2016 Connect to Innovate funding program allocated over $500 Million in investments in over 900 communities was not implemented in a way that ensured the maximum expansions for the public money spent.
  • Small Internet service providers do not have sufficient access to high-quality spectrum to support broadband deployment in rural and remote areas due to market conditions.

In building on this report and our ongoing advocacy efforts, we will continue to work towards reclaiming Canada’s position as the most digitally connected country in the world.

Click here to read the full report.

Posted on:
Tuesday, November 20, 2018