Chamber to Wind-Up My Community Cash Program


Effective March 7, 2018 the Brooks and District Chamber of Commerce will stop issuing My Community Cash and focus instead on re-launching its Member to Member Discount Program.

When My Community Cash first debuted, residents could purchase vouchers for 10% off the face value and redeem it at local merchants for it’s full face value. This was made possible by a financial partnership with other organizations.  When the funding ended, the Chamber continued to operate the program at 5% off savings. Despite a recent push, the Chamber found that at 5% residents were no longer purchasing My Community Cash in sufficient quantities for the program to be effective.

Therefore, in order to continue to encourage folks to shop local, the Chamber of Commerce is now focused on growing its Member to Member discount program. The premise of this program is simple: The Chamber has hundreds of Members with thousands of employees. By providing them with local deals and incentives, money will continue to be re-invested in our communities.

The Chamber is in the process of developing a smartphone app to support our Member to Member Discount Program as well as provide relevant information to Members and their employees. We expect to be in a position to do a soft launch in the early summer with a formal launch occurring during Business Week in October.

In order to help us wind-up the My Community Cash program, the Chamber asks those who have the vouchers to spend them at their earliest convenience. Of course, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, vouchers will not expire and will continue to be honoured by the Chamber.

You can find a list of businesses that accept My Community Cash at

Posted on:
Wednesday, March 07, 2018