Throwback Thursday!


And today’s throwback is perhaps the most elegant (and frequently photographed!) house in Brooks. But did you know its also a thriving business?

That’s right. The stately CPR Engineer’s House isn’t a private residence anymore. It’s a full-service event venue and cultural hub!

“Lots of people think there is nothing to do in Brooks” said owner Kathy Ramer when we sat down to chat about this article. “Well, to them I say: come over and I will tell you about all the wonderful things there are to do here!”

And there are lots of reasons to visit the Engineer’s House!

It’s a tranquil venue to host a corporate meeting or function. Its an elegant location to throw a party! And, of course, it is absolutely the best place to get your professional grad or wedding photos taken. The price to rent the property for an hour is just $75 for grad photos, which is a minimal investment when you consider the quality of the backdrop!

But I bet you didn’t know It’s also THE place for storytelling?

That’s right! Kathy has taken pains to collect stories from Brooks’ past so she can share them with visitors to the house. And these are not just your run-of-the-mill, dusty historical statements! 

They are vivid depictions of people and events from days-gone-by. Interested in John Ware? The CPR Engineer’s house will be a must-stop in February, which is Black History Month. 

Want to know what story is next? Like the CPR Engineers House​ on Facebook to be in the know.

Oh, and how could we forget? They also rent bikes! And not just any bicycles, either. These beauties will make you feel like you are stepped back to a more sophisticated time and are perfect for a ride in the park or exploring a little further afield. 

A few notes about the house itself: Built in 1911, the house is an elegant wood-frame bungalow that incorporates elements of classic revival architecture. It is a designated historic resource that has been meticulously restored by Kathy, and it’s heritage value lies in its association with the Canadian Pacific Railway’s push to settle the “last, best west.”

If you want to book an event, photoshoot or reserve a coveted spot on her storytelling nights, you can reach out to Kathy at 403-793-4506 or message her on her Facebook page. 

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Kathy and the CPR Engineer’s House as the newest Member of the Brooks and District Chamber of Commerce! We are thrilled to have a world-class historic site as a member!

Posted on:
Thursday, January 25, 2018