Party Like It's $19.99


Looking for some last-minute gift ideas around the $20 mark? Here are some suggestions from our Members.

Brooks Motor Products: The good folks at BMP don’t just sell cars. They also have an assortment of hats, socks, lanterns and lites in-stock this season. The lanterns are perfect for camping as they work as a flashlight, lantern and bug-zapper while the lites are perfect as nighlites, power-out lights and for light anywhere where you don’t have power. Check them out!

McDonald's Restaurant Brooks: This Christmas, when you but a $25 gift card you get a Big Mac for yourself free! Oh, and don’t forget their awesome McCafe ground coffee can be purchased and made at home, too!

Encore Consignment: If you are budget conscious or looing for something that isn’t widely available, check out Encore downtown!

42nd Street Clothing: If you are looking for something brand name, trendy and affordable, check out these awesome deals at 42nd Street. Assorted Jewelry under $10, epic Converse Lunch Kits for $18.99 and with youth clothing 15% off, all youth t-shirts come in under $20!

The Pink Porcupine: Don’t forget that Chamber Member’s like The Pink Porcupine offer gift cards. And after all, who wouldn’t want to shop with the 2017 Online Boutique of the Year and Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year award winner?

Sunley Home Building Centre: Not just a great place for hardware, they have a lot of great gift ideas, too! They have an awesome classic barn playset on sale for $25.97 from $72.99 and lots of other deals. Their stock is going quick, so best to head into their store and check out whats on offer! 

Posted on:
Saturday, December 23, 2017