Feelgood Friday


Global Village Continues to Broadcast Brooks to the World.

With 8 seasons under their belt, The Global Village has been on the air longer than Breaking Bad, House of Cards, or The Beaverton – and for good reason: they discuss issues that matter to folks in Southeastern Alberta.

Host Ahmed Kassim, himself a newcomer to Brooks, is careful to balance the perspectives and topics his show tackles. “It isn’t just immigrants” he shared with me when we were chatting about this piece. “We’ve talked with farmers, politicians, entrepreneurs and artists. It’s a show for everybody.”

It’s a concept that really has currency here. As the show’s title suggests, Brooks and the County have grown into a global village in their own right: StatsCan reported that 20.6% of folks here do not speak English or French as their first language and over 17% of the population identifying as visible minorities in the last census.

The latest episode of the show is being filmed this afternoon at the JBS Center. And the folks at the Chamber are thrilled that we have been asked to be guests on today’s show. Looking forward to sharing our story with Ahmed and his guest host Levi Fernell this afternoon!

So look for us on Shaw in the coming days, or watch any of the 100+ episodes from the past eight years here: https://www.shaw.ca/shawtv/medicinehat/shows/GlobalVillage/

Posted on:
Friday, November 03, 2017