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Free Advertising: Your friends at the Chamber are SO EXCITED to announce our Shop Local at Christmas campaign. We are so lucky to have Mara Nesbitt from Work n' PlayMareta-Chip Cheney from Hicks Jewellersand Shane Helland from Montanas, Brooks Ab to voice our commercial.

We are looking for members who want to get in on the free advertising! Please email to get in on the benefits!

Hello Morneau? The Brooks Chamber has invited Bill Morneau to come to Brooks to explain his proposed tax changes. So far our letter has gone unanswered. Bill! You are the Finance Minister for every Canadian. Please step up! So excited to be following the Canadian Taxpayers Federation and Tracy Acorn at the ACC's lead on this. Morneau please know: Local Businesses are the economy! Bill Morneau please come to Brooks to chat! We will even pay the hotel room!

Town Hall: The Chamber is so privileged to work with the City of Brooks. Last week we offered the City's CAO the opportunity to share the City’s budget with the public before it is presented to council for feedback. We will do the leg-work, they get the benefits of an engaged and informed citizenry. It’s a win-win! Right Barry Morishita Mayor of the City of Brooks?

Financial Literacy: Our Director of Member Relations had the privilege of speaking to County Council Thursday. We are so pleased that the County of Newell has unanimously declared the third week of January Financial Literacy Week. Looking forward to City of Brooks, Town of Bassano, Village of Duchess Office and Village of Rosemary Office following the county’s lead!!! Thanks to Molly Douglass for your support!

T-Minus Two Days: The Chamber is looking for a new member of our Board of Directors… shoot us a resume!

Wal-Mart… Spend Less Live Better? The Wall Street Journal has exposed Wal-Mart for “red lining” folks in the States. Turns out that ordering online is more expense… so take advantage of Moonlight Madness and use My Community Cash in person!…/now-featured-on-wal-marts-website-hig…

Shout Out: We are so pleased with the folks at Visit Newell. We know that Brooks and the County of Newell is the best place to live, work, invest and raise a family. So if you have not visited our region reach out to Jamie McIntyre 403-363-3333. Live here? Invest where you family is! Newell Proud.403 362 7641.

Webpage: Yup… two weeks till we have a new one. So excited to be working with Grassland Regional FCSS In this venture!

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Monday, November 13, 2017